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How to Send Payoneer Payment Request

Payoneer Payment request is a feature of Payoneer through which you can receive payment from your clients. Payoneer Payment Request is an invoice through which you can accept payments in your Payoneer account. Any Payoneer user can use this feature to receive payment and the best thing is that you can send Payoneer payment requests via email, WhatsApp or messenger etc. So in this article, we will see how to send a Payoneer Payment request.


Sending method of Payoneer payment requests is very simple. You will generate an invoice for a particular amount from your Payoneer account. The invoice will contain the amount, name and email address of the client. Payoneer will give you a link of the invoice and you can send that link to your client via WhatsApp, messenger, email etc. Then your client can pay on that invoice via his/her Debit or Credit Card.

Steps To Send Payoneer Payment Request

Follow the below steps to send Payoneer Payment Request

  • Log in to your Payoneer account

How to Send Payoneer Payment Request

  • Here on the left side, you will get an option of ” Get paid “. Click on it.

Payoneer Payment request

  • Here you will get an option of “Request a Payment”. Click on it.

Payoneer payment request

  • Now on this Page Click on ” Add New Payer “.

how to receive payment via payoneer

  • Now choose between Company and Individual. If you are receiving payment from the company select Company else Individual.

receive payment in payoneer

  • Now Enter the Name, Email and Country of the client. And Click Next.

receive payment from client

  • Now here Enter Payment details like Amount, Currency, Description and Due Date. After that click Next

receive payment in payoneer

  • Now here you can attach any documents with the invoice.

payoneer invoice

  • So your Payment Request has been sent to your client via email. You can also send the link of Payment requests via Whatsapp, Messanger etc.

request payment in payoneer

  • Once your Client receives the invoice Client can pay you via Debit or Credit Card.

receive payment via invoice

For receiving Payment via Payoneer Payment Request, your client doesn’t need to have a Payoneer account. Client can simply pay on this invoice via Debit or Credit Card.

You can use the Comment section to ask any question about Payoneer Payment requests.

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